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Our Value Proposition

  • World's first AI engine that automates the creation of new banking habits.
  • Go beyond segmentation or the 'next best action' - generate user-level banking behavioural insights that maps out habit-forming banking journeys.
  • Market-proven, patent-pending solution that delivers results.
  • Drive higher levels of growth, profitability and customer satisfaction by creating habitual customer bases.
  • Solutions are built on a robust, universal platform that can ingest data from any source, crunches high volumes of TB a day. Capable of dealing with a broad variety structured/unstructured data, as well as high velocity processing of real time data from millions of end points.

About Us

Founded by Carnegie Mellon alumni Sunil Motaparti and Anirudh Shah, 3LOQ is an AI start-up based in Hyderabad. Skilled in machine learning, data analytics and business strategy, our team has deep expertise in building highly efficient algorithms that solve multi-dimensional business problems. We are focused on bringing agile, effective AI to boost bottom lines for an evolving BFSI sector.

3LOQ's flagship solution Habitual.AI is patent-pending technology that triggers habit-forming usage of financial products among customers.

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