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Our Value Proposition

  • Faster time to market with digital services
  • Faster innovation of new digital services and access to new revenue streams
  • Customize services to meet your financial institution's needs
  • Adding further value to the user journey and boosting the growth and profitability
  • Meet the new generation user experience expectations better

About Us

Bankify specializes in providing the API toolset required for building customer-centric mobile banking experiences. By connecting Bankify’s APIs into the partner’s existing mobile application, incumbents can catch up their digital-native competitors and challenger players to speed time to market.

Bankify’s services, driven by the needs of younger customers, provide functionality ranging from personalization, education to social sharing and gamification via open banking APIs. More precisely, Bankify’s solutions offer established financial institutions the opportunity to gain new younger customers (16-35), to retain existing customers with more digital presence and make financial applications more appealing. These customizable microservices such as automated micro-saving goals, document scanning, recommendation engine, group payments and cost splitting can be embedded smoothly within the existing banking landscape, without any conflict with the current applications.

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