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Our Value Proposition

  • Build accurate behavioral economic forecast models for any industry or product category.
  • Predict with 90% accuracy customer/employee loyalty and switching.
  • Build the next generation of machine learning algorithms (AI) with specific industry/category human centric decision models.

About Us

We are decision scientists serving the next generation of change makers. Our core expertise is in delivering human decision models for any industry or product category.

We know that current market research techniques can tell you the who, what, when and where, but not why people buy or value your product or service. That is why we pioneered BrandEmbrace® — the first of its kind, validated, sensitive, patent pending, behavioral economics tool that provides a clear, predictive and reproducible view of how people make purchase decisions while measuring the degree to which a brand satisfies the buyer’s expectation for any class of product or service in the B2C or B2B world.

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  • "The Behavioral Science Lab research did two main things for us. It first validated our overall concept, giving us extra momentum as we transitioned into the next phase of development. Secondly, we gained insight into the specific needs of our customers. These insights not only contributed to the final design of our space, but helped shape our messaging."

    Matt Ferstler, Co-Owner, Firmspace.

  • "The Behavioral Science Lab team identified the key factors behind how our customers make product choices and provided us with actionable insights to improve our business results."

    Jeremiah Bentley, Vice President, Marketing & Customer Engagement, Texas Mutual Insurance.

  • "The Lab helped us connect with the desires of our current and potential new customers to make sure our product offering is aligned with their needs."

    Heather Lowe, Director of Product Marketing, NetSpend.