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How can the TCS BFSI Marketplace help you

Fundamentals of Banking and Insurance has not changed for the past 5000 years: Sumerian Clay tablets depict the various entities and describe how lending was done. Banking transactions then was done normally in the geographical vicinity. Leveraging Ecosystem, referred to the informal verification of the borrower’s antecedents.

Banking and Insurance across the world is currently undergoing through a major churn. While Technology has always been an agent for change in the Financial Services arena for the past 6-8 decades, we are now witnessing a rapid change in multiple technologies, increased rate of change as well as combinatorial impact. Multiple fast maturing technologies like AI, Cloud, BlockChain, and IoT will drive the next wave of innovation. Digital Technology is democratizing value chain for the first time to help even individuals to disrupt value chains.

Non-Traditional Competition in the form of fintechs/agile traditionals leverage cutting edge digital technology to remove or minimize friction, improve customer experience, lower costs while drive business significantly. When systems get the first-right of refusal in the “TCS's Machine First Delivery Model” to improve automation, give the relevant insights to the banking staff, it helps deliver the right business outcome to Banks at all levels.

Banking Technology is now veering to leverage ecosystem partners in a big way to experiment and re-imagine the way we do banking. All internal and external processes are under scrutiny to deliver value to the end-customer.

Iterative experimentation leveraging external technology partners will help us be on the bleeding edge of Banking and Insurance Technology towards Human-Machine-Ecosystem convergence.


TCS CUBO welcomes individuals and TCS/Customer teams to leverage the API’s to experiment and re-imagine financial services. This playground serves as a platform for experimenting new ideas, will help our teams across different lines of banking and insurance businesses, geographies and solve problems of different hues. Most solved problems, will end up adopted by customers and will provide visibility and recognition for our partners and the participants.


TCS CUBO welcomes partners to register and expose APIs with minimum friction. Winning and implemented ideas will translate to more exposure and better business for you as well. The exposed APIs are available to our global BFSI customers, their staff as well as the 100 000 + TCS associates who are serving our global Banking & Insurance Customers.