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Our Value Proposition

  • Elimination of insurance bordereau.
  • Rapidly bring new insurance products to market.
  • Process integrity.
  • Simplified ecosystems.
  • Transparency and immutability.
  • Durability, reliability and longevity.
  • User empowerment.
  • Disintermediated and trustless exchange.
  • Faster transactions and lower transaction costs.

About Us

Blocksure is an insurance technology provider built on deep industry knowledge, combined with cutting edge blockchain expertise. We have built a game-changing insurance DLT platform called Blocksure OS that puts customers at the heart of the process and connects everyone across the supply chain in real-time. It is designed to work with existing providers, or new entrants to transform the customer experience. The benefits include increased gross margin thanks to lower costs, the ability to rapidly launch new, innovative insurance products, and to be able to offer your customers a mobile-first experience with quotes, purchases and claims all administered digitally in a single application.

Founded in London, UK, in 2016, Blocksure has developed a decentralised insurance platform built on Corda with the insured customer at the center of everything. It allows the industry to think differently about customers and products. Brokers, MGAs and (re)insurers can now transact and manage claims in real time. It eliminates a number of back office processes and automates others. The benefits are a reduction in back office processing costs of up to 90%, transaction speeds of seconds not months, vastly improved data quality and governance with fully auditable transactions.

Blocksure is proud to be one of the Top 100 Global insurtechs as selected by INSURTECH100 - an annual list of 100 of the world's most innovative insurtech companies selected by a panel of experts and analysts. Blocksure was selected for INSURTECH100 in 2018 and 2019. Also, in conjunction with a panel of expert industry analysts, the Insurance Times selected Blocksure as the bronze award winner for Excellence in Technology – Service Provider in November 2019.

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  • "Blocksure OS has cost and efficiency benefits but that is not the key attraction. It allows Commercial and General to think innovatively about how we develop customers' products. We can look at segments that were under served in the past as well as how conventional products are constructed. Customers want to be able to purchase a policy with minimum fuss and at the right price with an easy to use claims reporting process. Ultimately we can pass savings in time and cost onto our customers."

    Bradley Brandon-Cross, Director, Commercial and General.

  • "It is a fantastic opportunity to be involved with a broker who is adopting this new technology and we will be involved on a solution by solution basis. We are very supportive of the proposition and interested to see how this technology develops. It is a great opportunity for Covea Insurance."

    Tim Grant, Interim Head of SME and Schemes, Covea Insurance.