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Our Value Proposition

  • Speech analytics for compliance & conduct risk monitoring
  • Customer experience & complaint management
  • Regulatory reporting automation

About Us

Cognitive View is a transformative RegTech that analyses customer communication data to identify conduct related issues and automates risk & compliance processes. It is addressing several pressing challenges for the Australian and global market. In Australia, it is Royal Banking commission reforms and, in the UK, it is FCA regulated Conduct risk. Besides Conduct Risk, Cognitive View also provides customer experience, workforce management, and complaint management solutions.

Problems being solved: Bad customer experience, mis-selling, non- conformance to regulatory guidelines are big challenges for many organizations as they lose customers, get fined by regulators and incur reputational risk. Cognitive View helps customers to meet their regulatory and internal obligations, understand customer experience at various stages of customer journey and reduce conduct related risk.

TECHNOLOGY: Cognitive View’s AI based technology can analyse and generate actionable insights from customer communication data. This includes Call center, support tickets and Chatbot and identifies risk in real time and automates the compliance process. It supports both cloud and on premise-based hosting.

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