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Our Value Proposition

  • Crypto APIs is an infrastructure layer to help development teams build faster.
  • Crypto APIs has 3 main products:
    a) Blockchain APIs: Interact with top Blockchain protocols using REST APIs, Webhooks and WebSockets, you can get information about node, block, transaction and address, in addition you can create hot wallets, send transaction or push signed transactions. We support both historical and live data.
    b) Crypto Market Data APIs: Get historical and live market data like (Exchange Rates, Trades, OHLCV, Order Books, Assets, Pairs, etc.) from top crypto exchanges.
    c) Trading APIs: Trade on top Exchanges with one single API integration. You can get your account history, get balances, get deposit addresses, place orders, get open orders, cancel orders or withdraw funds.

About Us

Crypto APIs is one of the biggest infrastructure layers helping developers from all around the world build blockchain and crypto products faster.

Crypto APIs is a Top Pick at the Blockchain vertical at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco.

Crypto APIs has offices in San Francisco, London and Sofia with 20+ team members.

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