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Our Value Proposition

  • DataChat is a no-code platform for getting actionable insights from data.
  • Business users can now self-serve data analytics and data science functions by simply holding a conversation in DataChat English with the platform.
  • Saves the business time and money in getting insights from data, and most importantly allows the business to find patterns that they may have missed before.
  • With DataChat businesses can now ‘do more with less’ - they can find deeper analytic insights while not going down the path of hiring an army of expensive data scientists. Come talk to us and to our platform!

About Us

Led by a senior team with over 60 cumulative years in technology delivery, DataChat is the only comprehensive, controlled natural language data analytics platform. Our clients (across multiple verticals and business units) say DataChat is easier and more transparent than coding and delivers business value quicker.

DataChat allows the user to progress through the entire data journey from data consolidation, to transformation, to visualization, to analysis and machine learning, to predictive analytics, to collaboration and knowledge transfer.

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  • "Datachat has enabled our team members to create and discover the unique data insights they needed to be successful... A truly customizable, easy to use, and business case focused platform like Datachat surpasses, and will replace the data insight tools of today."

    Michael, GenoPalate