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Our Value Proposition

  • State-of-the-art digital channel security.
  • Full compliance with all relevant regulatory guidance.
  • Expanding menu of on-demand digital enablement tools and experiences.
  • Quick, easy deployment for shorter time to market.
  • Exciting digital identity roadmap.

About Us

Entersekt is an innovator of customer-centric fintech solutions. Financial services providers and other enterprises rely on our patented mobile identity system to provide both security and the best in convenient new digital experiences to their customers, irrespective of the service channel. Financial service providers can concentrate on their innovation roadmap, while delivering intuitive, low-friction digital experiences to their consumers.

Central to the Entersekt product offering is the Entersekt Secure Platform (ESP). The ESP allows organizations to engage securely with their customers by transforming the customer's device into a trusted device and establishing a secure communication channel between the device and the organization.

Whether pursuing compliance through strong authentication and state-of-the-art app security or looking to meet consumer demand for on-the-go information sharing and payment capabilities, Entersekt's clients always enjoy a competitive advantage.

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