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Our Value Proposition

  • PSD2 Accelerator - A fast and easy to implement integrated technology stack to deliver ASPSP interfaces covering XS2A, SCA and CSC in a compliant manner.
  • Open Banking Platform - Enable rapid/swift expansion of Digital offerings through standards based Open API Platform.
  • API Management - A bridge between the applications and services to modernize, innovate and monetize enterprises existing data.
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API Management

Fiorano API Management provides deep integration capabilities to enterprises to build APIs on top of existing applications, offering a range of capabilities including protocol transformation, mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS), standards-based access management, version management, API rate limiting, and metering (analytics). Fiorano transforms backend and third-party web services into easily consumable APIs, governed by self-service policies. Available both as an on-premise platform and as a cloud service, Fiorano API Management also provides contextual analysis and visibility into API initiatives and associated digital assets to help drive developer and user engagement. Fiorano API management platform will act as a gateway for the APIs exposed. Fiorano API Management provides an ideal gateway between applications and services via cloud, mobile and partner channels, delivering new capability to modernize, innovate, and monetize your enterprise’s existing data and open new revenue channels. The gateway server receives client requests and performs authentication, traffic control and other features like Caching, load balancing, quota management and more that is controlled by adding policies and rules to it. The developer portal of API management allows enterprises to publish and socialize their APIs and also includes support for Self-signup of developers and Viewing API documentation related to various public and protected APIs. The developers can also interact with the IT team. For more details check this link

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About Us

Founded in 1995 in Silicon Valley, California, Fiorano Software provides API-led hybrid integration technology enabling interoperability agility, profitability and new revenue streams.

Fiorano has been at the fore-front in transforming enterprise backbone infrastructure wherein businesses can implement a dynamic strategy to tackle challenges arising from digital transformation projects involving cloud and APIs.

Fiorano delivers banking industry-specific solutions, including Core Banking Integration, PSD2 Accelerator and Open Banking Platform to comply with regulations, dynamically deliver assets and build capabilities for better customer engagement.

Fiorano operates worldwide through its 9 offices and a large network of partners across the globe.

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