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Our Value Proposition

  • GarblCloud offers cloud file encryption tools to protect the privacy and security of your unstructured data (files & documents).
  • Our patented technology helps enterprises encrypt and upload files to services such as Google Drive and DropBox for access and sharing across multiple clouds.
  • Provides the unique capability to search across encrypted files.
  • Currently, we offer this as a SaaS product or through custom implementation. SDK & API for developers is coming soon.

About Us

GarbleCloud has developed a novel suite of data-centric security and privacy-enhancing techniques that provide several value-added features designed to boost user productivity and strengthen platform interoperability. For instance, when customers employ multiple collaboration and communication platforms, GarbleCloud allows authorized users to store, search, share, access, and move protected data securely across these various applications, while simultaneously preventing third parties (including the service provider itself) from viewing our users’ most sensitive content. At GarbleCloud, we’re committed to making the cloud a better place to secure, share, and work with your proprietary information. And we won’t stop looking for ways to improve your company’s privacy and productivity in the realm of digital data.

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