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Our Value Proposition

  • Reduce attack surface vector.
  • Data-in-transit encryption.
  • Organization level authentication.
  • Device level authentication.
  • Optional user-level authentication.
  • Optional MAC binding.
  • Optional One Time Password (OTP).
  • Policy enforcement.
  • Comprehensive reporting.

About Us

InstaSafe Technologies is a trusted cloud-based security solutions provider that offers Zero Trust Architecture based Privileged Access Management solutions, as well as crowdsourced vulnerability discovery services to keep enterprises secure. Recognising the lacunae in the traditional perimeter based approach in network security, InstaSafe has come up with its neoteric cyber security offering, InstaSafe Secure Access (ISA), is based on the Zero Trust Network Access framework, which shifts access controls from the perimeter to individual devices and users. Our pioneering SDP based interface is a hardware free, zero configuration solution that accords granular level access control to the enterprise, and is a highly cost effective, practical, and prudent solution for any organisation looking to strengthen their security architecture. By using InstaSafe Secure Access, an enterprise can extend secured access to both remote and on-premise users, with an assurance of uncompromising security. Using Secure Access’s Software Define Perimeter architecture, the whole enterprise network is placed behind a dark cloud. Given that hackers cannot attack what they cannot see, enterprise networks come to be secured against an array of credible threats, including man in the middle attacks, credential thefts, and server exploitation.

InstaSafe Secure Access is delivered as a SaaS without the need of any additional hardware. Our flexibility is to function in conjunction with hybrid clouds across multiple locations and our state of the art single pane management console, ensure a seamless experience and in essence showcase a simple, more effective, and easy to use alternative to existing network security systems.

The end result allows employees to work securely from any location without the need for a traditional VPN and the enterprises get unparalleled security while making the lives of the network admins much easier. Our solution thus stands out as a true example of redefined enterprise security.

InstaSafe Secure Access API has been built to help enterprises replace traditional and increasingly vulnerable network security solutions with a highly secure and robust security solution which focuses on granular access control, based on a need to know model. InstaSafe is featured in:

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  • "Our dealers and distributors from remote locations now connect securely to our applications…and that’s how we unshackled our teams."

    Diby Chiriyamkandath, Manager Systems, Asian Paints

  • "Our employees now securely access business-critical applications using an elastic private network and eliminating our MPLS…all while on the move…and that’s how we unlimited our growth."

    Hariharan Subramanian, Head - IT, Sattva Group

  • "Cloud-based Web security is the simplest and most cost-effective way to protect data and devices from digital threats, whether on-network or off…seamless adoption and alignment within our infrastructure, truly demonstrate how we uncomplicated our process."

    Satyajit Sarkar,GM - IT, DTDC