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Our Value Proposition

  • Data Warehouse Analytics: Real-time transparency over the full End User Technology estate. A single source of truth with dynamic data extracts and pre-canned reporting.
  • Automated Workflows: Customised re-useable project workflows for reducing project spend by 30% and delivering change 60% faster. Flexible creation and task management, increased orchestration through the automation of arduous tasks.
  • Manage multiple project workflows in parallel across Windows 10, WaaS, Evergreen, MDM, Hardware, O365, VDI, Server, M&A, SCCM & AD Migrations, SharePoint, Unified Comms, Email and much more.
  • Automated Application Management: Command continuous EUC change with automated testing and packaging for the application lifecycle. Identify defects before they become incidents of change that negatively impact End User productivity and experience.

About Us

The role of IT is undergoing a massive change of seas: No longer seen as just a necessary cost to keep things afloat, the new IT teams, led by business-minded CIOs, provide the company with the foundation to deliver growth, productivity, and agility that contributes to the bottom line. This new approach to enterprise technology creates real opportunities to increase business efficiency and company revenue, while reducing cost and risk.


Juriba's IT Transformation management platform gives these new, innovative CIOs a central command & control center to execute their vision for change. Whether that means operating system upgrades, moving to the latest email system, or migrating to cloud platforms, centralized, asset-level logistics and readiness is provided, alongside management of ongoing initiatives such as Evergreen IT and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. For more information, visit our website www.juriba.com.

Juriba was founded by Barry Angell and Julia Bell after they experienced first-hand that managing multiple IT projects across an increasingly complex end-user estate results in an upward spiral of cost and inefficiency. Management through spreadsheets is simply no longer effective for the enterprise.


IT teams embarking on anything from a simple hardware refresh to a large-scale IT transformation often reinvent the wheel with each new project, learning little or nothing from previous experiences. This slow start eats significantly into the project budget without producing results or even a strategy for completion.

Juriba's mission is to disrupt this repeating cycle by building an intuitive yet powerful software platform from which projects can quickly be established with minimal effort, via a modern web interface. Juriba's software is designed to reduce the pain of enterprise IT migration.


Whether you are a customer running the migration internally, or a service integrator running the project on behalf of a customer, a consistent, authoritative and single source of truth will drive better, faster and more accurate project decisions. 

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