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Our Value Proposition

  • 100% successful project delivery record.
  • AI-powered solutions, with more than 20 years of experience in delivering quality solutions for major banks and financial institutions.
  • Proven track records with client portfolio of over 30 banks and financial institutions.

About Us

JurisTech is a fintech company specialising in software solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), conversational chatbot, digital customer onboarding, loan origination, credit scoring, loan documentation and debt collections. JurisTech has more than 23 years of experience in delivering quality solutions in the financial and banking industry and has a strong customer footprint in Malaysia.

Living by the motto, “The right software, exceptionally delivered” is the main driver of the company’s growth, success and achievements. The company believe that “the right software” means that the software is providing real, tangible benefits to their clients and “exceptionally delivered” means that each project implementation services are performed within budget and with high quality, meeting all project objectives. JurisTech has set its vision to become the best credit management solutions provider in the world!

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