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Our Value Proposition

  • Analyze behavior through trends, funnels, and cohorts.
  • Map user journeys, identify drop-off points and understand what causes churn.
  • Group users based on their behavior and attributes.
  • Leverage predictive models that automatically group users.
  • Create and automate omni-channel journeys for your users across Push, In-app, Website, Email, SMS and Ad Retargeting.
  • Let Sherpa, our AI engine, auto optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.

About Us

MoEngage is an Intelligent Customer Engagement platform that helps banks engage their Mobile App customers, grow their lifetime value (LTV) by engaging with them in a timely, relevant, and personalized Push, Email, SMS and Web messages.

MoEngage is part of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for mobile marketing platforms. MoEngage is the highest rated solution amongst Gartner MQ for mobile marketing platform solutions for customer catisfaction.

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  • "Constant engagement and personalization are critical for user retention and conversions. MoEngage helps us achieve both in an effective manner. The platform helps us improve user experience significantly resulting in an uplift in our reach and ROI."

    Najwa Assilmi, Product Analyst, Kredivo