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Partner Benefits

  • Build your next Big Business Ecosystem by exploring and engaging with solutions and services that will help accelerate your digital transformation.
  • Grow your business in partnership with TCS by capitalizing on the innovative and interesting business opportunities created for participating business stake holders.
  • Explore new opportunities and markets with your APIs and Solutions and use the marketplace to up sell and cross-sell your offerings.
  • Connect with API consumers to explore, experiment and accelerate the use of TCS and Partner's APIs.
  • Collaborate and Mashup to create and showcase your solution to Global Customers.

How Can I Get Started

Partner with TCS CUBO Marketplace

Collaborate and build innovative solutions

Showcase your APIs and Solutions

Be a part of the TCS CUBO Ecosystem

Work with our Partners

Anyone is welcome to use a defined iterative process that lets you start with your customer’s solution and mashup minimum set of APIs to create a POC/Sample solution.