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Our Value Proposition

  • Our solutions are simple to implement, non-intrusive, adaptable and scalable to work with any environment.
  • All our products are modular and can be integrated with one another to enable SEAMLESS and INTELLIGENT Automation.
  • Perpetuuiti uniquely enables intelligent automation solutions to automate user’s business and IT processes on-the-fly. Without disrupting the existing infrastructure, we automate these processes using futuristic technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive RPA and Machine Learning thereby negating the need for prior knowledge of the user’s business and IT processes.
  • Potential for increasing revenues through new business models and partner ecosystem.
  • We have a global patent on our invention on “Systems and Methods for Business Impact Analysis and Disaster Recovery”.

About Us

Perpetuuiti is an enterprise software products company with focus on intelligent and integrated automation, and orchestration. We deploy futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing (CC), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) to enable automation solutions for business service availability management and orchestration, organizational BCP automation, data replication and cloud migration, real-time auto-discovery of application IT infrastructure and application interdependency mapping.

We have pioneered innovative products that have been well accepted and trusted by our customers and partner ecosystem comprising Fortune 500 global organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals like BFSI, High-Tech, BPM and Telecom.

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  • "With the deployment of Perpetuuiti’s Av3ar IPA/ BPA solution, our processes have become 4 times faster, while the deployment of Perpetuuiti’s Continuity Patrol™ brought us confidence to conduct live DR Drills. This deployment reduced our RTO drastically to less than 30 minutes which was 300 minutes earlier."

    Kersi Tavadia, CIO, BSE Ltd