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Our Value Proposition

  • Fix before fail with automated application performance testing against all Microsoft OS upgrades and patches
  • Less stress onboarding and managing applications to Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Purpose-driven results with an informed application delivery
  • Technology led transformations for customers with an accelerated Microsoft Azure migration experience
  • Resilient processes, compliance and secure workspaces with faster hardware adoption

About Us

Purpose-driven, adaptable and resilient outcomes with the world’s first automated testing platform for enterprise application compatibility, functionality, and performance at scale. 

The driving engine behind understanding the complete application experience is our automated Intelligent Smoke Test. Designed around the principle that, to test applications at scale across multiple operating environments, it must be smart and completely unattended. And with fast results, you can achieve the optimal experience for your user without any impact

Rimo3 is driving technology led transformations for customers by supporting them meet the evolving needs of their business and Azure migration readiness of application workloads.

Rimo3 has joined Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop Partner Program as a partner to accelerate Windows 10 deployment and management and is currently piloting with Microsoft its approach to supporting MSIX and MSIX app attach. A conversion and remediation framework building on 20 years of application behavior experience instead of the traditional surface automation or “screen-recording” RPA approach. 

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  • "Our customers are increasingly turning to Windows Virtual Desktop as they turn to remote work environments. With solutions like Rimo3’s automation platform, organizations can easily onboard applications into their environments, proactively understand the impact of changes, and roll out new applications and updates with minimal user interruptions."

    Kam VedBrat, General Manager, Windows Virtual Desktop at Microsoft