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Our Value Proposition

  • Financial institutions like banks, wealth management firms among others can use Vault.Direct as a safer, secure and convenient replacement to the unsecure and inconvenient password protected PDF's to deliver sensitive documents like bank statements, portfolio documents, etc.
  • Debit/Credit Card analysis – Vault.Direct brings banks, merchants and consumers together to offer right products and services to specific customers based on their debit/ credit card spends, thereby increasing merchant revenue and in turn increasing the card usage.
  • Open Banking API’s - A customer would be looking for a central place to store ALL documents - not specific to a particular service provider. We can allow Vault.Direct to receive statements via email, via Vault.Direct API or through Open Banking APIs.
  • Manufacturing companies can use Vault.Direct API's to integrate with their existing invoice application for a secure and trusted delivery of invoices to their business customers.
  • Vault.Direct is suitable for any enterprise for their sensitive internal communication like payslips, appraisal letters, etc. with their employees.

About Us

SecurelyShare, founded by Mr. Prakash Baskaran, was established in 2017 with a vision to be the global norm for communicating sensitive data in a secure trusted and intelligent manner. SecurelyShare has developed a unique technology platform called Vault.Direct and is backed by six granted patents in USPTO.

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