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  • Stay ahead of the global competition in this changing FinTech landscape with Sensiple's BFSI offerings.
  • Easily integrated Multi-Protocol solutions for low latency communication to implement the automated trading of multi-assets, including equities, derivative, and other financial instruments.
  • Increase business ROI, reduced regulatory pressure, and increased operational efficiency for investor protection through end-to-end RegTech automation process, compliance adherence, risk management, and regulatory business intelligence.
  • Simplify & automate regulatory requirement process & comply with multiple regulations (MiFID II, EMIR, SFTR, BASEL, etc.) for global compliance adherence.
  • Addressing money laundering challenges through real-time transactional monitoring and trade surveillance.
  • Highly configurable BASEL RegTech Platform for BASEL II/III compliance needs with flexible data mapping framework, Advanced Risk Analytics Engine for major risk types, like Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Operational Risks.
  • Simplify your complex Banking infrastructure with our Global Reconciliation Platform for any BFSI participants to extract data from multiple sources, validate, reconcile, generate reports, and automate repeatable reconciliation workflows.
  • Comprehensive highly scalable and easily configurable real-time Post-Trade products enabling real-time Clearing and Settlement for Capital Market participants.
  • A robust, scalable Matching Engine to perform all complex matching scenarios to facilitate Buy & Sell orders for multi-asset classes.
  • High-performance Mobile Trading application and comprehensive Wealth Management for Buy-side and Sell-side clients.
  • End-to-end sustainable FinTech solutions to achieve cost minimization, scalability, customization, and effectiveness for a highly volatile environment that impacts the overall business of the Financial Firms.


  • Make enterprise service availability 100% by digitizing employees or customer engagement using Tryvium multi-channel capability.
  • Deliver superior service delivery for employees or customers on Tryvium. Its conversational intelligence, cognitive skill, automation, and seamless integration delivers extraordinary (up to 40%) productivity, deep insights and cost benefits.
  • Utilize existing investments for collaborations and build Cognitive Services on multi-channel bots for efficient adoption and best use of IT assets.
  • Botomate, any enterprise process, to bring in operational efficiency and transition the productivity to the benefit of customers. Rich employee experience leads to excellent customer experience.
  • Multi-channel digital contact center modernization to effectively utilize Cognitive Services, Intelligent Automation, and Cloud capabilities. The solution delivers cost benefits, customer engagement & insights.

Intelligent Process Automation

  • KIPA - Finance Process Automation P2P (Procurement to Payment) including AR & AP (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable).
  • Kaptiche’s Howard AI-Engine powered Predictive maintenance system to prevent unexpected downtime/breakdown and improve production efficiency.
  • GOD'S EYE platform connects with multiple IP cameras to monitor safety incidents in the production floor and generate real-time alerts and reports.
  • Howard AI engine can monitor best practice and bad practice of machine operators and generate real-time alerts to the supervisor on the threshold breach.
  • Kaptiche extracts real-time PLC & CNC machine data to render a real-time data analytics dashboard for OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency).

About Us

Sensiple headquartered in New Jersey is a 20-year-old global technology company focusing on innovation and delivering turnkey products & business solutions to enterprise customers on their unmet needs and achieve their business objectives. Our R&D is focusing on trending and emerging technologies especially in Computer Vision, Blockchain, Cognitive Services, and Data Sciences. In addition, Sensiple has been aggressively investing and expanding its domain expertise in Finance and Manufacturing industries.

Sensiple has proven niche solutions which deliver digital modernization across BFSI, Manufacturing, Customer Experience, and Enterprise Service Management. We have strong capabilities on FinTech, RegTech, FIX technology/solutions, Botomation, Intelligent Process Automation and Enterprise Process Digitization.

Sensiple is proud to be one of the top 100 Global RegTech players and regulatory platform for BFSI and other industries. We are highly valued technology partners by our global customers, especially the Fortune 100 companies for BFSI Solutions, Botomation of Customer Experience, Enterprise Service Management, and Intelligent Automations.

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