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Our Value Proposition

  • Making you ready to address market prediction of 10x increase in speech solutions in the next 10 years.
  • Supported by decades of quality research and solutioning.
  • Handcrafted solution to meet your specific need supported by our own IP.

About Us

We have worked extensively in the area of speech signal processing over several years building a rich body of patents, algorithms and handy tools. Our ability to assess and analyze all the three layers (The What, The How, The Who) of speech gives us an advantage to microscopically evaluate customer problem and build solutions that can effectively and practically address the problem by digging into our own repository of handcrafted tools riding on the state of the art techniques. Be it voice biometric, automatic speech recognition or conversational audio emotion analysis, we understand it all and have matured our tools to work in noisy environments and for pathological speech.

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