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Smart Energy Management

About Smart Energy Management Solution

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Energy Management Solution enables enterprises to achieve significant energy optimization by using an advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-based self-learning system, which facilitates real time decision-making. The solution helps enterprises manage energy needs and drive business growth, without compromising on safety or eco-sustainability goals.

Problem statement

As companies grow in size and extend their operations, energy management and optimized consumption become critical. Apart from meeting sustainability goals, companies also need to comply with ever-stricter regulatory requirements. Tracking energy data in real time is the first step for energy management and that requires overhauling inflexible legacy systems.


TCS Energy Management Solution, leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to accurately capture energy consumption data from disparate sources across geographies. Based on TCS IoT framework, the solution can be customized to source data using building systems, meters and sensors. This data can be transmitted to the cloud in real-time to be processed by an energy analytics platform.

The findings can be used to monitor, control and take corrective or regulatory actions. TCS Energy Management Solution allows customized automation through control algorithms and closed-loop solutions. It supports an AI-driven, self-learning and self-optimizing system that can be rolled out quickly across geographies with varied building types, consumption, operational, weather and occupancy patterns.