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What is TCUP

TCS Connected Universe Platform (TCUP) is an open standards-based cloud computing platform, which simplifies IoT application development involving sensor data and observations from connected equipment and real world objects. TCUP is a Platform–as-a–Service offering that enables you to rapidly develop and deploy IoT applications. Our customers who have used TCUP for IoT application development, have experienced highly accelerated - at least 2X times faster time to market based on rapid development feature.

TCUP In a Nutshell
Sensor Observation Service

Sensor Observation Service (SOS) enables data ingestion from real world sensors, devices and gateways to big data store and provides rich set of queries to discover and use those data.

Device Connectivity & Management

This service makes it easy to remotely connect wide range of devices and gateways to the Cloud and allows to remotely monitor them, execute actuation commands and acquire data.

Action Service

Action Service triggers responses based on user defined rules when events or conditions are detected on incoming data by TCUP. Examples of responses are mobile / email notification, alert generation, data logging and sending messages to external system.

Over The Air Update (OTA)

Over the Air, upgrade service allows secure remote software upgrade in the devices. It provides facility to manage and organize the software packages and the related artefacts which are used in the remote upgrade.

Complex Event Processing

Data from multiple streams (continuous flow of data) are combined and processed in real-time based on user-defined rules to detect patterns and produce event or alarm.

Asset Service

Asset Service enables digital representations of physical world through comprehensive modelling of different objects/assets, asset types including their properties, relationships and hierarchies.

Message Routing Service

Message Routing service provides rule-based filtering, transformation, enrichment and routing of sensor event streams in real time.

Task Service

Task service provides the ability to schedule, run, monitor and manage batch programs on sensor data on scalable computing clusters.

Workflow Service

Workflow service enables data processing pipelines by orchestrating sequence of tasks.

Endpoint Security

TCUP Endpoint security capabilities include use of hardened operating systems, ensuring strong authentication techniques, mutual authentication of edge devices and service endpoints, encrypted network transport and use of secure mechanisms for key storage and use of Trusted Platform Modules.

Communication Security

Communication security in TCUP is ensured via use of authenticated server connections, strong network transport encryption, secure tunnels such as VPNs and use of payload encryption and digital signatures.

Service Security

TCUP microservices are protected using an API gateway. Clients use API keys and tokens to authenticate themselves to the gateway. The API gateway enables fine grained access control to backend resources. In addition, the gateway provides capabilities such as rate limiting and whitelisting / blacklisting of client endpoints.

Data At Rest Security

TCUP data stores are encrypted. All database accesses are controlled using role bases access controls.

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