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Our Value Proposition

  • Banks and NBFCs in India can provide real-time approvals for business loans using Vaultedge GST and ITR APIs.
  • Mortgage Banks and BPOs can automate processing of Mortgage Documents using Vaultedge Mortgage Automation Software.
  • BPOs, KPOs, LPOs and Legal divisions of Enterprise benefit from legal data abstraction.
  • BPOs & Mortgage Banks can process Mortgage Documents using state of the Art AI technology.
  • Banks & NBFCs use our API for Loan underwriting.
  • GST & ITR APIs help banks in the underwriting process.

About Us

Founded by IIM Ahmedabad and Stanford Alumni with extensive industry experience and several patents in Data and Analytics. Has Fortune-500 Customers Backed by top investors in India.


  • VAULTEDGE CONTRACT ANALYSIS SOFTWARE: Helps Enterprises automate review and abstraction of data from Legal Contracts.
  • VAULTEDGE MORTGAGE AUTOMATION SOFTWARE: Helps Mortgage Banks and BPOs automate Mortgage Application Processing. Uses AI to automatically classify mortgage documents and extract more than 500 fields.
  • VAULTEDGE FINANCIAL SOFTWARE: Helps Banks and NBFCs automate Business Loan Underwriting and thus process loan applications in minutes instead of days or weeks.

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