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Our Value Proposition

  • Engage users by showing them the most useful and timely information, in-app.
  • Make learning fluid across all enterprise systems and user touch points.
  • Achieve sizeable ROI on Whatfix quickly through a combination of fast implementation and ease of use.
  • Adopt the product that Fortune 500 clients trust. Whatfix is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 certified, and GDPR compliant.

About Us

Whatfix is a Digital Adoption Solution that disrupts Application Training, Learning, and Support content by providing Contextual, Interactive, Real-Time, and Autonomous user guidance- driving additional adoption and productivity gains. Whatfix helps you simplify your users' adoption journey through targeted information, all the while gathering insights you can use to drive more effective software use. Whatfix has a proven record of increasing employee productivity by 35%, reducing training time and costs by 60%, reducing employee case tickets by 50% and increasing application data accuracy by 20%. Used by over 630 companies worldwide including Cardinal Health Canada, Cisco, Experian, DaVita Healthcare, BMC Software Inc., and many more.

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  • "For employees, Whatfix is a part of Salesforce now. They expect to find in-app training and answers. If it wasn’t for Whatfix, there’d be very confused people on my sales team."

    Adam Shapiro, Senior Business Analyst.