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Our Value Proposition

  • Yellow Messenger is a cognitive engagement cloud with a singular focus on offering conversation AI platforms to its customers. This helps us stay ahead in delivering a robust conversational AI platform, compared to other players who offer Chabot as a complementary service to their existing suite of products.
  • Leverage Yellow Messenger’s cognitive engagement cloud platform to automate core business processes.
  • WhatsApp for Business - Leverage the world’s largest messaging application to hold meaningful conversations for your business. Yellow Messenger is one of only 15 organization globally which are recognized as a premium partner by WhatsApp, which provides us access to their beta versions.
  • Deep Experience - Yellow Messenger’s cutting-edge approach to natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence across industries and use-cases ensure you’re covered, no matter what the automation requirements. Yellow Messenger also does not just offer a platform, we take a consultative approach in design, building and identifying use-cases and stay involved until its “Business as usual” with clients.
  • Rapid Speed to Market - The Yellow Messenger Platform is enterprise-ready with 200+ pre-integrated APIs your business would need, making deployments a cake. There should be nothing between you and automation. Yellow Messenger is a part of SAP start-up studio and Microsoft accelerator program, Microsoft promotes Yellow Messenger globally to their strategic customers & Yellow Messenger also has access to SAP ecosystem as being a part of the start-up studio.
  • Massive Impact - With Yellow Messenger’s Virtual Assistants, enterprises have witnessed a 900% increase in lead generation, $10M in additional revenue through upselling, savings of 60% of the call center costs. Explore the possibilities.
  • Growth - In a little under 4 years, we’re proud to bag 100+ enterprise clients for whom we automate core business processes on voice and chat, leveraging cognitive engagement cloud.
  • Partner Program - Certification program for partners which enables them to not only build their own use-cases according to their customer’s requirement but also train them on deploying solutions on their own.

About Us

Yellow Messenger conversational AI platform automates business functions and provides vertical specific automated engagement bots including HR, advertising and sales, customer support and others over 50+ platforms. The NLP solution supports more than 130 languages including English, Bahasa, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, and Arabic. The company adopts a consultative approach to assist enterprises to reach their automation goal. In addition, the self-learning ML/NLP modules are highly accurate, enterprise-grade secure, scalable and function ready, which shortens rollout time for the enterprise.

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  • "Maintaining a delightful and consistent customer experience revolves around customer empathy and it needs continuous investment in people, processes, and partners. Yellow Messenger has facilitated 77% of our customers to self-serve for queries like web check-in, flight status and more, enabling us to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers."

    Nitin Sethi, VP-Digital at Indigo Airlines.

  • "With Yellow Messenger, we have achieved 26% increase in the number of leads collected for our Smart Care Product. We deployed a lead collection chatbot which was distributed through an SMS campaign and the chatbot proved to be the most scalable marketing campaign for Asian Paints."

    Soumya Mishra, Asian Paints.