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Continuity Patrol

Created By: Perpetuuiti
Created On: 18 Sep 2019
Type: Mobile
Category: Automation

Continuity Patrol is an intelligent, advanced, real-time and fully customizable Business Service Availability Platform with CXO Analytics Dashboard that enables Real-Time Seamless Information.

Continuity Patrol is unique in the ITRO market as it can help CXOs make well informed business decisions with reduced RTO by enabling real-time visibility into the financial impact of a critical business service, unplanned outage or degradation of service and their cascading impact on dependent business services. With Continuity Patrol, ITRO/BCM managers can perform what-if modeling and make a better business case for the cost of downtime.

  • CXO Dashboard with real-time statistics for that empowers the stakeholders.
  • Business / Financial Impact Analysis.
  • Agentless & Scriptless Approach for easy deployment.
  • Auto Application Discovery and Mapping its Dependencies.
  • Pre-Configured Workflows Templates for out-of-the-box experience.
  • Parallel workflow execution for reduced RTO.
  • Measuring DR readiness in real-time to ensure DR is in-line with Production for Databases, Applications, Files & Folders and Patch levels from Dashboard.
  • Single Click DR Tests and DR invocation without subject matter expertise.
  • Integration with any third party Applications with ease.
  • Technological flexibility to support from Desktops to Mainframes.
  • DR Co-ordination.
  • Orchestration for all technology layers.
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