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TCS ConversA

Created By: TCS BFSI
Created On: 01 Sep 2019
Type: Web
Developed in: 720 days
Category: Finance

ConversA is a ready to use framework to configure and enable AI conversations on channels using a single platform. It can be deployed both on-premise as well as in cloud to enable conversational interaction for various consumer-facing as well as internal functions. It enables define-once-enable-many feature to reuse a single conversational knowledge base and business flow for multiple channels with simple configuration options.

  • A full-fledged administrative portal for creating, configuring, enabling, disabling bots.
  • Hybrid ML-based and modular bot knowledge base organization.
  • Knowledge-base reuse capability across different bot instances.
  • Excel-based knowledge-base transfer and accuracy testing capabilities.
  • Transactional capabilities including asynchronous audit transfer for backend systems including analytics systems, and Ready-To-Use Connectors to External Systems.
  • Configure-Once-Enable-Many feature to allow the same knowledgebase to be automatically optimized for various channels such as Facebook, Amazon Echo, WhatsApp, Google Assistant etc.
  • Dashboard with custom analytics metrics for conversations.
  • Authentication Role-based Answer variations. Feedback Mechanisms based Tuning options for Answers.
  • Pre-trained knowledgebase for specific domains (Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Insurance, IT Support etc.) to jump start configurations.
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