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Meniga Personal Financial Coach

Created By: Meniga
Created On: 23 Sep 2019
Type: Mobile
Developed in: 100 days
Category: Banking

Meniga Digital Banking allows banks to deliver rich and personalized functionality in their banking apps.

Meaningful engagement in online banking apps retains banking customers and inspires them to form better financial habits. Go beyond traditional personal finance management and give your customer a personal financial coach.

  • Activity feed and enriched transactions - Engage your user with social media like activity feed.
  • Search and filter - Save people’s time with a powerful search in your banking app.
  • Financial profile - Show customers a snapshot of their profile in an infographic format.
  • User events and notifications - Give users timely and insightful advice.
  • Goals and challenges - Encourage financial fitness and motivate users.
  • Enriched transactions - Make balance checking fun and engaging with enriched transactions.
  • Engagement campaigns - Improve financial health with personalised campaigns.
  • Peer comparison - Inspire customers by enabling them to compare finances with their peers.
  • Budget & financial planning - Gratify geeks with budget & financial planning.
  • Net worth - Motivate users with curiosity and show them where they stand financially.
  • Balance and cash flow projections - Generate & manage financial budgets for your customers.
  • Upcoming bills & payments - Help users prepare and plan their finances.
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