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Automated Document & KYC Validation

Created On: 20 Jul 2019
Category: Banking
Type: Web
Developed in: 15 days

The Automated Document & KYC Validation solution uses AI tools like Computer vision, OCR technology, Machine learning etc. The forms processing engine extracts, assesses and classifies all the mandatory fields in customer hand filled application scans. It also classifies and validates all the supporting KYC documents provided along with the application form like passport, voter ID card, Driving License etc. Demo :


Using machine learning and computer vision, GIEOM Digital Validator can check the document type that gets uploaded, extract data from the document and pass to back end application all in matter of few seconds. It can also ensure a far higher degree of accuracy hence reducing the customer on-boarding time and cost. It can scan and analyze several types of documents with no manual intervention and creates a repository of customer KYC information. 


This repository allows for a one-time storage of information and can then be accessed multiple times with appropriate consumer consent.


The centralized repository also enables Financial Institutions to comply with stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR.


GIEOM Digital Validator eKYC engine can be used by other IT systems like core banking systems, CRM etc. to authenticate KYC details with customer consent.