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Video KYC Solution

Created On: 20 Jul 2019
Type: Web, Mobile
Developed in: 510 days
Category: Banking, Insurance, Banking & Technology, AI, Digital adoption, AIOps, Covid-19, AI Computer Vision, AI-Banking

With the current situation of COVID-19 globally, the VCIP mandate by Reserve Bank of India empowers the Financial Institutions to continue onboarding customers remotely over a video call.

Using GIEOM Digital Validator they can open new accounts or convert existing eKYC customers to full KYC. This solution won India’s most prestigious software innovation award NASSCOM League of 10 in 2018.

Digital Validator has been successfully implemented in Bank of Maharashtra, Ithmaar Bank (Bahrain), First Abu Dhabi Bank to name a few and has delivered an accuracy of 90% for KYC document recognition, OCR and facial match. Demo :

  • Using machine learning and computer vision, GIEOM Digital Validator can check the document type that gets uploaded, extract data from the document and pass to back end application all in matter of few seconds. It can also ensure a far higher degree of accuracy hence reducing the customer on-boarding time and cost. It can scan and analyze several types of documents with no manual intervention and creates a repository of customer KYC information.
  • Liveness testing with built-in anti-spoofing checks and gesture randomization
  • Facial Match on ID proof against the selfie & liveness test
  • Watermarking of details like Geotagging with date and time stamp
  • Classification & recognition of the ID Document
  • Using computer vision, the details on National ID are extracted, verified with Government database & auto filled in the relevant fields
  • Built in video call facility
  • Easy to build dynamic digital forms using the Forms designer tool
  • Dashboard to monitor and handle exceptions from the on-boarding process
  • All components of this solution are provided as API calls to coexist with existing onboarding platforms
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    Login Page for Video KYC
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    Liveness Test by blinking the eyes
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    Capture the ID document
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    Data Extraction and Facial Match
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    Account opened successfully