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Blocksure OS

Created By: Blocksure
Created On: 31 Jul 2018
Category: Insurance
Type: Web
Developed in: 595 days

Blocksure is an insurance technology provider built on deep industry knowledge, combined with cutting edge blockchain expertise. Blocksure OS is a decentralised insurance platform built on Corda with the insured customer at the center of everything. It allows the industry to think differently about customers and products. Brokers, MGAs and (re)insurers can now transact and manage claims in real time. It eliminates a number of back office processes and automates others. The benefits are a reduction in back office processing costs of up to 90%, transaction speeds of seconds not months, vastly improved data quality and governance with fully auditable transactions.

  • Once - an action or a process only ever happens once.
  • Real-time transfer of data, documents, value across the entire supply chain.
  • Mobile - all interactions can be completed on a mobile platform with full customer analytics.
  • Safe - everyone transacts with complete surety across data and processes.
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