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Created By: Bankify
Created On: 30 Mar 2020
Type: Mobile
Developed in: 20 days
Category: Banking

Entrepreneurs and small business owners have numerous pain points regarding their banking applications and there are multiple opportunities in this area, waiting to be explored. Some of these challenges include manual tax calculations, not being able to link receipts to transactions, manual budgeting and many others. According to a study conducted in the UK, only 13% of SME’s trust their banks to act in their best interest. By providing automated & personalized services and engaging user experiences, financial institutions can increase trust from their SME customers.

  • Intuitive dashboard provides the user a clear outlook of finances.
  • User’s VAT amount is separated automatically to a virtual vault. This can be paid easily at the end of the month without any hassle or manual work.
  • Multiple saving vaults for different business saving goals can be created, for example a company printer.
  • Usercan scan receipts, bills and invoices and can link scanned receipts to the transactions.
  • Payments can be initiated as well as scheduled for later.
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