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Dysarthria Speech Intelligibility Assessment System

Created On: 25 Feb 2020
Type: Web
Developed in: 30 days
Category: Medical, AI

Dysarthria is a medical condition which affects speech articulation. Assessment of speech intelligibility, generally carried out by speech language pathologist (SLP), helps in medical diagnosis and prognosis. Built on our patented technology, the solution automatically assesses the intelligibility of the speaker based on a small set of words spoken by the patient. The assessment scores are in sync with the perceptual scores prevalent in the SLP community, making this solution a ready to use tool by a SLP.

  • Speech intelligibility score estimation.
  • Dysarthria severity level estimation.
  • Visual display of intelligibility.
  • Speech Assessment based on just 5 spoken words
  • Intelligibility score in line with perceptual score
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