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Setrega AML & Surveillence - Banking

Created By: Sensiple
Created On: 16 Apr 2020
Type: Web
Category: Banking

Next gen centralized AML and fraud management platform for BFSI industry. It enables banks to monitor and alert suspicious transaction activity proactively on transaction, customer, and account level on huge volume of data from multiple sources/channels/formats. Aide’s banks in understanding of customer risk profiling, and ensuring that subsequent transactional activity is in line with the risk profiling. It also provides a configurable business rule framework where various alerts can be configured as rules/FATF rules generating the alerts and assign it to integrated case management module.

  • Transaction monitoring (high value/high volume).
  • Integrated sanctions (OFAC) database validation.
  • Alert configuration.
  • Configurable business rules engine.
  • Integrated alerts & case management.
  • AI/ML driven surveillance algorithms for pattern detection, link analysis, customer profiling and benchmarking.
  • Intuitive data shell to visualize data within the platform, combined with integrated reports and dashboards.
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    Setrega AML and Surveillence
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    Setrega AML and Surveillence
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    Setrega AML and Surveillence
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    Setrega AML and Surveillence