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Automatic Voice Call Center Conversation Audit

Created On: 19 Nov 2019
Type: Web
Developed in: 90 days
Category: Voice Call Center

The call conversation audit system can analyze the conversation between an agent and a customer and automatically assess the quality of voice interaction. Specifically, if there a defined list of audit parameters, the system can automatically and seamlessly assess all the audit parameters and give out a compliance report. Audits are essential for call center either by law or for internal quality purposes to keep the customer satisfaction index high. Organization relying on specialized partners to carry out the audit process stand to benefit in terms of decreased audit conducting time, avoid human biases and human inconsistencies.

As many as 15 audit parameters are readily configured. Some of them are did the agent greet the customer? Did the agent ask for customer verification? Did the agent understand the customer pain point? Did the agent show professionalism in handing the problem? Was the agent warm and friendly? Did the agent show empathy towards the customer problem? Did the agent summarize the call? Did the agent offer additional assistance? Did the agent follow the protocol when the customer was on hold?

  • Automatic call audit report generation.
  • Multiple calls can be uploaded in a single request.
  • Can process multiple requests in parallel.
  • Time complexity= (1/4)*manual_auditing approx.
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