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Created On: 18 May 2018
Type: Web
Developed in: 700 days
Category: Application Modernization

CloudHedge enables enterprises and ISVs to modernize applications by leveraging three set of tools - Discover, Transform, and Cruize. It accelerates the process of modernization by at least 30%. It automates the assessment and analysis of applications hosted on Linux, Windows, or AIX. If the app is cloud/container ready, it enables users to containerize apps and deploy on any kubernetes cluster (hosted on-premise or public cloud), making the modernized app - portable. It provides predictability in modernizing applications by identifying risk and dependencies upfront. Simplifies the process of containerizing apps and deploying them on kubernetes.

  • Discover: Assess applications, its processes, dependencies, interdependencies and then identify if the app is cloud / container ready via the recommendation report.
  • Transform: Automate containerization of processes or applications and publish them in repository of choice.
  • Cruize: Aggregate containers in a blueprint and automate deployment onto k8s cluster. User can also create k8s cluster of public/private cloud. Enables individual containers to auto scale.
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