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Auto Damage Assessment & Claims Automation

Created On: 15 Apr 2019
Type: Web, Mobile
Developed in: 150 days
Category: IoT, Insurance, AI, Automation, Digital adoption, Analytics, Covid-19, AI Computer Vision, Application Modernization

Artivatic's AI enabled vehicle damage assessment and claims price estimation under 3 minutes using mobile in real-time or using photos /videos. This application provides end to end processing for auto insurance claims with no touch, self guided feature. Customers or agents both can use the application and instantly get estimation for the claims prices. It uses photos, videos, 360 degree capture.

This application can also be used for policy price estimation, usages based insurance, auto floater policy process, accidental, weather trends, driver behaviour and more. Product is available as APIs, On-premise and on cloud too. Artivatic's digital process experience solution enables insurance businesses to ensure that from on-boarding to final decision process is efficient, seamless and error free.

Voice enabled process can also be integrated in the same solution to make it more local focused.

  • 60 Seconds On-boarding for claims intimation. Automated document check & processing
  • Image control at source itself using mobile camera 360 Video capturing & Auto Analysis
  • Real-time part & damage detection, Fraud Detection and Price Estimation using AI, ML & Deep-learning
  • Gap Insurance & New renewals and Assessment of Pre-damage for new premium
  • Photo & video based vehicle damage assessment and claims price estimation under 180 seconds
  • APIs, SDK & Software as Plug-in-Play to integrate with existing processes
  • No-touch platform during COVID-19 to file claims
  • Insurance renewals based on vehicle images. Identification of damaged parts. Quoting right price based on past learning; Digital Renewals Processing. Usages Based Insurance
  • IoT Device based data streaming via Telematics. Odometer and other data capture in real time
  • Image based fraud detection system for auto-claims processing
  • Intelligently learning over time to provide personalized outcome with reduced cost
  • Using telematics data, driver behaviour, location data, vehicle diagnostics, Road Conditions and external data enable pay per use insurance.
  • Enabling customers to pay for the way they drive vehicles and other data. Reduces friction and increase efficiency.
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