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Mio - Video Based Branch & Sales Platform for Insurance, Brokers, PoS

Created On: 15 Apr 2020
Type: Web, Mobile
Developed in: 200 days
Category: Banking, Insurance, Procurement, AI, Automation, Finance, Digital adoption, AIOps, BigData, Analytics, Speech assessment, Covid-19, AI Computer Vision, Voice Call Center, Application Modernization, AI-Banking

MiO by Artivatic, enables insurance, banks, brokers, PoS, & Distributors businesses to operate their physical offices, branches in digital way, touch-less with integrated video, voice based conferencing, digital on-boarding, sales, agent tracking, screen sharing, recording, PIVC, speech analytics, payments, marketing and more.

  • All-in-one, AI Integrated Video Based Smart Digital Branch & Policy Distribution Platform to run entire front-end operations with No-Touch.
  • Insurance, PoS & Agent Sales & Marketing, Video Calls & Communication with Insights.
  • Video & Audio Connect. Instant Interaction, Agent, Employee & Customer
  • Entire Branches or Offices on Cloud. Operate Digitally. Sales, On-boarding, Support
  • Screen Sharing. Digital Whiteboard. Planning & Discussion. Explanation.
  • Modular APIs, SDKs & Data Driven Platform. White Label Integration.
  • TeleMER, PIVC. Video Based policy buying, Underwriting & Claims
  • Advisor, Agent, PoS – Marketing, Training, On-boarding Solution
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